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Metal Team, the machining industry leader

Metal Team is among Poland’s leading suppliers of comprehensive solutions for the machining industry. It is a family company, established in 1996 in Rzeszów and being in the CNC machines sale business since its founding. Throughout the 26 years, the company’s field of business has significantly expanded, and currently includes complete technical, technological, service and training support for the distributed machinery, designed and produced clamping systems and developed and supplied automation solutions for machining processes.


CNC machine tools

Clamping systems


The machinery offered by Metal Team include a broad range of numerically-controlled machines, such as: CNC machine tools, automatic lathes, CNC milling centres. For over 25 years Metal Team represented the renowned Japanese manufacturer of CNC machine tools – Yamazaki Mazak Corporation. Today our offer continuously comprises of top-class CITIZEN swiss type automatic lathes, MIYANO automatic lathes, BROTHER boring and tapping centres and OKAMOTO grinders. Moreover, Metal Team supplies a full range of supplementary equipment, such as barfeeders, chip conveyors or automation elements.

Among the Metal Team customers are companies from the automotive, aerospace, power, construction, machinery, medical, ship-building, electronic and other industries. The different applications targeted by our solutions are constantly growing in number, and we pride ourselves in having set up numerous reference plants.


The high quality of our services and products has been confirmed through a number of awards, e.g. Forbes Family Businesses Forum 2019, Wprosts Eagles 2019, Forbes Diamonds 2016, Business Reliability Certificate 2014, Gazelle of Business 2016.

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World-class technical facilities

Our manufacturing processes take place at Metal Team’s Technology Centre in Wanaty near Czestochowa. The site is also used for showcasing the company’s technological solutions. We hold at our disposal 2800 m2 of floor space, of which 360 m2 is assigned to exposition and preliminary commissioning of sold machinery, as well as trainings or events organized individually or in collaboration with our partners. The production part (2440 m2) is equipped with 20 modern CNC tools (Mazak, Brother) which also serve the purpose of reference machines, and allow to conduct technological tests. We make our best endeavors to continuously modernize and expand our machinery park; hence, the average age of our machines is never higher than 3 years.



The quality of our services and products is ensured by implementing a management system compliant with AS 9100:2016 (aviation, space and defense industry) standard, which in turn is based on ISO 9001:2015. We hold Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) certification. Supervision over the quality of each project stage is our standard, effecting in high satisfaction rates among our customers.

Comprehensive service and advisory

The success of Metal Team’s business rests upon its young, qualified personnel managed by specialists with many years’ industry experience. This allows us to undertake any challenge related with machining. We successfully perform turnkey commissions for complete machining projects, including optimum selection of numerically-controlled tools, their equipment, potentially required modifications, along with the design and delivery of clamping systems, supporting machinery and equipment (for instance, feeders for CNC tools, industrial robots, etc.), and developing appropriate programs and training personnel.



“Our Customers’ sense of safety is the guarantee of our company’s success”


Andrzej Janicki, Metal Team Founder and President



The priority of Metal Team is the satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, we make our best endeavors to ensure that the projects and technical support services delivered by us optimize their companies’ operations. Through our work we want to provide to our Clients a sense of safety in undertaking any challenges related with machining technologies.

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