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Clamping systems



To meet the increasing expectations of its Customers, and utilizing its many years’ experience, Metal Team has separated from its business offer all operations concerning the design and production of clamping systems for CNC machinery, and created a separate brand – Tech Team. The competences of Tech Team range from the production of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical clamping systems used in the mechanical processing of workpieces, to designing and producing parts, tools and equipment according to customer specifications.


The entire scope of works related with producing clamping systems is performed at our company internally.

We provide comprehensive solutions encompassing the machine’s design, production, verification of correct functioning, delivery along with assembly and implementation, conducting of tests and starting up production. Therefore, the smooth processing of orders is supervised by five internal departments: engineering, technological, production, assembly and quality assurance.

The design process is conducted by engineering department with the use of 3D design aiding computer applications. Thanks to numerous pre-production simulations conducted on various elements, our engineers can eliminate errors and introduce the necessary improvements in clamping systems at design stage.

We have at our disposal a modern machinery park that includes 20 CNC tools the average age of which ranges from 2 to 3 years; the production of our clamping systems is performed with the use of top-quality hydraulic and mechanical components manufactured by global industry leaders, such as Roemheld, Hilma, Stark, AMF, Enerpac, Kipp, etc.

Each stage of our projects is overseen by quality assurance department to ensure highest precision and consistency with specifications of the clamp’s elements. Our testing laboratory, conforming to the requirements of EN10012:2014, holds the equipment necessary for performing quality control at each production stage, allowing us to create clamping systems with utmost precision and care for detail.

The precision and effectiveness of the offered solutions are confirmed by references from our Customers, among which are: Fiat, Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Daewoo, Opel, BorgWarner Turbo Systems.

To see the detailed offer of Tech Team, visit our website dedicated to clamping systems at and contact our specialists directly.





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