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Metal Team offers a broad range of numerically-controlled machine tools, one of which will surely meet your technological and economic requirements for machining your workpiece:

  • Vertical milling centres
  • Turning centres
  • Swiss-type automatic lathes
  • Automatic bar work machines
  • Boring and tapping centres
  • Surface and profile grinders
  • Cylindrical grinders
  • Grinding centres
  • EDM

We offer full technical and technological support for all our machinery, as well as comprehensive training and service.

We are the exclusive Polish distributor of the following manufacturers:

-drilling centers
-tapping centers

-longitudinal turning machines
-bar machining machines with fixed spindles
-turning centers with automation

-turning machines with roller or sliding guides
-vertical turning machines
-vertical milling centers with roller or sliding guides

-surface grinders
-cylindrical grinders
-hole grinders

-vertical milling centers
-5-axis vertical milling centers

-2-spindle vertical milling centers

-horizontal milling centers

-wire electrical discharge machines
-sinker electrical discharge machines

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